Putzmeister is a modern manufacturer of specialized construction- and concrete machinery with more than 20 different divisions worldwide.

- Pumps for dense media
- Pumping residues
- Drainage of shafts and mines
- Ash and slag transport
- Transport of coal sludge

The Putzmeister product line includes a wide range of pumps with different delivery pressures and flow rates up to 200 m³ per hour. Putzmeister concrete pumps have been explicitly developed and designed for this purpose and are therefore ideal for pumping concrete mixes. Modern Putzmeister concrete pumps use an S-shaped chute - a balanced, hermetically sealed concrete distribution system with only one anchor point between the spectacle plate and the chute. The entire hydraulic switchgear and the bearings are located outside the mixing and spreading area. The low number of wearing parts and their easy replacement make maintenance economical and easy. When replacing wear parts, it is no longer necessary to dismantle the hopper.