Sredaztsvetmetenergo is a leading company in Central Asia as a partner for waste heat boilers in metallurgy. TPNSU provides many services in the design and planning of waste heat boilers, their installation and maintenance. Production of heat and power supply for non-ferrous metal sectors of the following items:

  • Steam and hot water boiler
  • Heat utilization systems that are not standardized
  • Automated data acquisition and their evaluation by means of energy control devices
  • Gas cleaning systems, in the area of heating surfaces, tanks and pulverized coal plants
  • Heat generator with a heat capacity of 10.2 Gcal / g, fuel for the intensification of the drying process
  • Overhaul of electric motors of different power

As part of its sectoral diversification, Sredaztsvetmetenergo launched the production of household items in 2013 and sells them under the DAYANA brand. The approximately 40 different products have been explicitly adapted to the needs of people in Uzbekistan. Sredaztsvetmetenergo has large production and warehouses in Tashkent, Angren and Almalyk.

Address: M. Uygur, 314, 100042 Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Telephone: +998 712423432 / +998 7124253-35
Fax: +998 712495525